No Awards!

I’m opening little more of myself here.

The irony of photography to me is. The more & more i grew fascinated to take pictures of people and went deeper through my lens to understand who they are inside. I only learnt more about me !

And that was the biggest revelation of life to me.I’m not the photographer of the year. Least, i ain’t got an award. But i have something, something more precious .

As a photographer the whole responsibility to record one’s time for future is itself the most meaningful thing do!

When i see just an ordinary girl transform in to this breathtaking bride in front of me, for a moment i dream of the girl from my dream to know how she might look as bride.


When i see how my grooms love their bride’s i realize and only hope i can be as good as a lover they are !

I get to be part of many families for a brief time as a photographer. when i see what it means to be a father in the family, i realize what i missed.I have an awesome sister with whom i fought every single day of my life. Five years ago when she got married i cried for half an hour locking the restroom figuring out ‘why i’m crying ‘ ? Now i know, why !

(Akka, If you’r reading this i want to tell you something i have never told you.’ I love you soomuch ‘ thanks for being there for me ! )

Now, i know what moves me! what makes me tick.

I know what is life. and what i want from it.
I got answers for the questions which i would have never asked!Most importantly i have genuine people around me. who really care about me and love me for my passion !

Photography is an art of self discovery. Every image you create is a result of your understanding of life. It’s a scan copy of who you are inside!

The greatest achievement in life i believe is to know who you are and what you want from life, when its still left!I highly recommend you to pursue this Art of self discovery, for that matter any Art.

I have never asked you to like or share my works.

I’m not after shooting celebrity weddings or travel around world.

I do not have  highly accredited IIT,IIM degree nor i dint had a job abroad and become a photographer to boast about it.

I don’t want to be famous.

I do not want awards.

Money does’t inspire me to shoot.

Passion alone got me here, and i know it will take me there!

The day i shoot with out passion, that would be my last day as a photographer.

My only goal  is when you look at my images, it should make you feel & experience what i have experienced recording it. The day it does to you, i would be very content of my endeavor !

Vijay Eesam
P.S. i’m inspired.

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