No Words!

I am an artist and it's my humble goal to let alone my images speak!

Cause words just cannot do justice to express of what I witness and experience in my heart.

If you are keen on commissioning me to witness & immortalize your fairytale, I would be honoured.

But I know you would also be keen to know who I am and what I believe, right?

Graduated from India's top school. Highly accredited career in overseas. Photographer of the year.

I am none of them!

It's been enchanting, enlightening eight years. The stories I have heard, wrote, experienced and the one I am living in. All, only made me discover my self more and how unique, beautiful each one of us are & our story is!

I am proud of my experiences and the way it makes me see and feel things!

If you are reading this you should know that you are very special.

Cause there is no one in this entire universe who can feel just same the way you do!

My name is Vijay Eesam. And I am in a pursuit of telling inspiring stories.

So what's your Story?