An alluring love – Priyanka + Akshay

Photographed by – Gayathri Reddy.

An alluring love and arranged wedding. Priyanka, immensely crazy girl for pictures.It was for nalugu, i reached their house for the first time…the people of the house were so sweet, her mom,sisters, brother and ,not to miss her lovely sister -in- law, Shwetha. I must admit it would be Shwetha for Priyanka, whom she can reckon on in any circumstances.

Oh..boy ! ,i’m totally getting close to the family..because that’s how i was treated .The amount of love and respect they showered was truly amazing..i felt considering myself a twig of this nest. After a series of pre wedding events, finally her day of dreams arrived, the wedding at kalyana lakshmi gardens was filled with giggles and smiles of family and friends.Amidst the joyous moments the couple tied the knot and were blessed.

Right after the appaginthalu was Bharaath..that made wipe her tears and enjoy the beat, and every one started dancing…to the bands it’s all ended with an energetic dance and later followed by a graceful reception.

Akshay,her love , and destiny.Though he is not fond of picturezzzz…. her love made him pose …which she loved the most.

Eternity of love continuous…..

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