A promise of two hearts – Navya + Vineeth

Photographed by- Lokesh

A perfectly charming couple Navya & Vineeth. Their love blossomed few years ago. Now, its time to become one soul and make a promise to their future.

Both families joined together to celebrate the engagement ceremony, all set in a great way. It was a great moment to the both families and their friends to bless the couple and join them together.
They had all the rituals and the couple made promise to each other by exchanging the rings.

Ever Thine, Ever Mine, Ever ours…
Let us live one, love conquers.

The parents were very joyous and having a delighted smile on their faces by seeing their children blessed by all their relatives and friends.

I felt privileged to shoot their ceremony and to be a part of their celebration with my team and looking forward with great endeavors.

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