A BRIDE’S STORY – Swetha + Vikas

Photographed by- Vijayeesam Two childhood friends getting married….what an awesome feeling right?..our bride swetha, done with her MBBS never expected that she would get married to her childhood friend Vikas, did MBA in the US. let’s listen it from the BRIDE! “His dad and my dad were classmates in their engineering. Our families knew each other since then.We both knew each other since our childhood. Vikas even attended my first birthday and the funny thing is he even attended my parents wedding! We used to meet at family gatherings once in a while. We hardly met after he went to the US. After coming back to India after 4 years we met last year at a birthday party. Our conversation started and ended with a simple hi ! After 5 months we randomly bumped into each other at a place called Hylife and even then we dint have any clue of us ending up getting married. Like about 10 days later our parents suddenly out of nowhere got us the proposal! We were shocked! We never imagined in our wildest dream that we’ll end up together. We met for breakfast later that week. In the little time we spoke we […]
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