This picture is a testimony

This picture is a testimony to me that There was a boy who had a heart, with out scars. A man without fear in his gut was once an introvert kid. Testimony to me that, anything can happen. A feather can be a sword, a pebble – a missile. Anything can happen, Meanings can change. Dreams can become reality. Reality could be a dream. Everything in universe works exactly opposite. Love makes you weaker and pain makes you stronger Enemies can never hurt you; only lovers can hurt you the most. Writers are born not in Oxford, but when their heart bleeds. Singers are heard when they sing for themselves not for fame. Photographers are found when their eyes closed and their heart sees. Millionaires are made not out of love for money, but as a revenge on it. You are not your name; you are what your experience is. You will be heartless by the time you understand what love truly is; you will be dead by the time you realize what life is. I am nothing and nothing can stop me. This is neither the middle nor the end of my story. This is just the beginning. My […]
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