No Awards!

I’m opening little more of myself here. The irony of photography to me is. The more & more i grew fascinated to take pictures of people and went deeper through my lens to understand who they are inside. I only learnt more about me ! And that was the biggest revelation of life to me.I’m not the photographer of the year. Least, i ain’t got an award. But i have something, something more precious . As a photographer the whole responsibility to record one’s time for future is itself the most meaningful thing do! When i see just an ordinary girl transform in to this breathtaking bride in front of me, for a moment i dream of the girl from my dream to know how she might look as bride. When i see how my grooms love their bride’s i realize and only hope i can be as good as a lover they are ! I get to be part of many families for a brief time as a photographer. when i see what it means to be a father in the family, i realize what i missed.I have an awesome sister with whom i fought every single day of […]
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